Brian Pead is a whistleblower

Brian Pead is the victim of FOUR miscarriages of justice after blowing the whistle on child abuse in Lambeth Council, where he worked as the Head Teacher of a pupil referral unit known as The Old Library centre Virtual School, in West Norwood.

After blowing the whistle on a female teacher calling herself Maryn Murray, Lambeth Council officials ransacked his office and set about a campaign to defame him and unlawfully dismiss him.

This campaign – aided and abetted by the Metropolitan Police Service (after he exposed an illegal police sting operation on a website called – has gone on for 10 years. Even his MP, Sir Henry Bellingham, who willingly turns his back on reports of crime and corruption, has said that Brian is the “victim of numerous miscarriages of justice.” (This in a letter to the Norfolk farmer, Tony Martin, dated 11 May 2015.)

Below is a brief summary of how corrupt State officials ruined Brian’s life:

  • four criminal convictions, including the incitement of a 14 year old girl who never existed
  • made homeless
  • imprisoned on FIVE separate occasions – all without recourse to the Rule of Law
  • separate from his beloved daughter and grandchildren
  • run out of money
  • lost his good name
  • lost his house
  • lost his career
  • beaten up by the police in the street
  • and much more